Frequent Kegger Rules

YES, It’s here! The Frequent Kegger Club. We want you to enjoy our beer, and the more you enjoy them the more you save. So for every 10th purchase its 1/2 off on 3 and 5 gal soda kegs and $20 off on kegs.

Frequent Kegger Rules

Every 10th keg is 1/2 off on 5 and 3 gal soda kegs only.

You can purchase a 1/2 bbl or pony keg on your 10th and get $20 off the price of that keg.

All beers over 6.9% alcohol will be higher in price and will be discounted differently.

Special Prices;

Milk Stout: 3 gal=$26, 5 gal=$40, 1/2 bbl kegs=$110.

Barley Wine: 3 gal= $40, 5 gal=$65, NO 1/2 bbl kegs sold.

Imperial Almond Stout: 3 gal= $30, 5 gal=$50, 1/2 bbl kegs=$140.

***The 10th keg discount on these beers will be set at $7 per gal. But you will get $20 off 1/2 bbl kegs.

Nitro beers “like the Milk Stout” must be served on the proper (75% Nitrogen – 25% CO2 mix) and be served through the proper tap or they will NOT work well on your home system. No, you can’t serve them on a 100% CO2 system or through a regular tap!

Bander’s most important rules:

Drink responsibly

DON’T drink and drive!

“Think, Drink, and Live”